At Circle Glass, we can repair your broken glass and windows. Give us a call to setup a free estimate.


Insulated Glass

Re your windows fogged up? Give us a call and we can replace all failed insulated glass. Get a free in-home estimate.

Table Tops

We have been supplying homes and offices with custom glass table tops for 40 years. Let us protect your fine furnishings with our glass tops.

Cabinet Door and Textured Glass

We have a large variety of textured and specialty glass available for all of your cabinet doors or textured glass needs. Come by our showroom to see all of our samples.

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Glass shelves can add a clean look to your room. We can install glass shelves in your wall unit, cabinets, or mount on the wall for your nicknacks or trophies.

Safety Glass

We offer tempered, laminated, wire, Lexan, and acrylic for all of your safety glass needs.

Patio Doors

Are you having patio door problems? Let Circle Glass replace your patio door glass and hardware.