Residential Services

You could try and find glass at a department store, but if you do, you’ll be stuck with whatever’s on the shelves. At Circle Glass, you get material that’s made for you—and you alone. We’re an all-inclusive company that designs and installs custom glass in Fairfax, VA, for a range of home and business purposes. Whether you’re looking to bring an outdated bathroom into the modern century or just replace a broken window, we’re the ideal choice for the job. We have the tools, the training, the experience, and, most importantly, the commitment to customer service.

When it comes to a custom glass contractor, you want someone on your side who knows what they’re doing. If your glass isn’t a perfect fit, it could lead to leaks, damage, and other issues that could cost you money. Hiring a less experienced contractor might seem like it helps you save at first, but trust us when we say that you’ll definitely be paying for it later. Our business boasts more than 45 years of positive results, so you know you’re getting quality work when you choose us.

We specialize in the following:
• Shower Doors
• Insulated Glass
• Mirrors
• Railings
• Interior Build-Outs
• Specialty Glass

A window that is in the middle of a house.