Specialty Glass

Textured Glass

Here at Circle Glass we stock a wide variety of textured glass. From acid etched to machined antique. Come by and see our samples

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Back-painted Glass

We use “Dreamwall” back-painted glass as well as a local vendor, so we can match almost any color. This glass is popular for kitchen back splashes or accent walls.


Need a glass door for your wood stove? We stock a high temperature glass especially designed for wood stoves.

Conservation Clear

We stock museum glass for all your fine art or valuable photos or paintings.


Antique Glass

Looking for glass from the year 1880? We are your company. Give us a call with the year and size and we will track down the antique glass you need.


We stock 100 | 1/8” | 1/4” plexiglass and 1/4” Lexan. We can get anything in this type of product.